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A strategic partner for creating business value with responsible AI

AI is transforming the world as we know it. It is creating new opportunities, challenges and risks for businesses and society. To succeed in this new era, you need a clear vision, a solid strategy and a trusted partner who can help you navigate the complex and evolving landscape of AI.

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Inspiration speeches and moderation

We can provide captivating and informative talks on various topics related to AI, such as its trends, challenges, opportunities, and impacts.

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Workshops and hackathons

We can design and facilitate interactive and collaborative workshops that help you define and align your AI vision and strategy, identify and prioritize your AI use cases and applications, and explore the ethical and legal implications of AI in your context.

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Trainings and courses

We can deliver customized and practical trainings and courses on various aspects of AI, such as leadership with AI, responsible AI, or adoption of generative AI assistants.

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99 tips i Teams

AI-labbets Henrik Byström är ännu en gång med i den digra skaran av experter som delar med sig av 99 tips i Teams. Många otroligt bra och spännande tips. Självklart fyllda med AI.

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